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Rodless Pumps, Inc. (formerly: Shengli Petroleum Administration rodless oil pump company), was founded in 1983, the December 22, 2005 restructuring, Sinopec is the only group of electric submersible pump research, development, manufacturing and technology professional services company, is the only hydraulic pump technology service center, Sinopec the largest group of Companies, electricity and oil well cable special cable technology leading international manufacturing company.

Product and system management forensics:

In November 1995, the company for the first time passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification and the Royal UKAS certification, and in 2005 passed the ISO14001, GB/T28001 environment, occupational health and safety management system certification;

In 2001, three products of hard conductor, non sheath cable, crosslinked PVC insulated power cable and PVC insulated power cable were obtained. International standard certificate for industrial products was adopted;

In 2001 the rated voltage 1kV and 3kV power cables with extruded insulation, rated voltage of 6kV to 35kV power cables with extruded insulation products made by National Quality Inspection Bureau issued the "national industrial products production license", in 2006 through the renewal review. In 2007 the new overhead wire, plastic insulated control cables, overhead insulated cables are made of "national industrial products production license", in 2008 the national production license supervision and inspection of wire and cable industry products, by review group rated as "enterprise quality management level in Shandong province by the sampling of 7 enterprises in the highest";

In 2002, ethylene propylene rubber insulated flame retardant shipboard power cables were obtained from China Classification Society issued by the factory accreditation certificate;

In 2003 450/750V and below PVC insulated wires and cables, PZ30 panels, XL-21 AC low voltage distribution cabinet, type GGD2 AC low voltage distribution cabinet, type GCK AC low voltage switchgear and other five kinds of products through the national compulsory CCC certification;

In 2004, PVC electronic wire and high voltage rubber cord were certified by American UL;

In 2007, it was recognized as "high-tech enterprise" by Shandong provincial science and technology department".

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